June 2016
Ciabatta mozzerella rolls

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May 2016
Italian life
Years ago, Italian men used to disappear to the town squares in the evenings to discuss life, which generally revolved around women.
They chatted away, but as soon as a women walked passed there would be total silence as the men gauped, chins dropped. When the girl disappeared out of view, the conversation would continue as if they had never stopped.
In the Osteria 'Il Botteghino' the women do all the hard graft, while the men sit down, chat & watch tv, no guilt.
Italian men love Saturday evening television, especially with an attractive female presenter. There is no real,content to the show but 'throw in' an attractive women and they are mesmorised. The football is the same, with the presenter always being a young women with big boobs - no chance of Gary Lineker hosting a program in Italy.
In my photo, the men laughed and chatted, but as soon as they noticed the female swimmer, the conversation stopped and the men just stared at the screen.

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19th April 216
I presented my first Master Class specialising on Food Photography at the top of the Gherkin, a wonderful venue for a talk or presentation.

The client was Sony, who wanted me to present a Master Class on food photography infront of 10 members of the Media - Telegraph, Conde Nast etc. This was part of the 2016 Sony Photography Awards.

I really enjoyed doing it, so if anyone wants to commision me, then we would love to present one - ad agencies, businesses? It could be on photography, changes in photography, food photography?

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14 April 2016
Kricket, is a pop up in the containers in Pop Brixton and run by 27 year old chef Will Bowlby, who used to work for Rowley Leigh & Indian chef Vivek Singh.

After spending a few years travelling and working in India, he returned to open his first venture selling Indian tapas.

His food is fantastic and very naturally plated which gave me the idea of calling Will and arranging a shoot. I love anglo-Indian style so sourced all the props myself.


The restaurant is so popular, I imagine he will soon move a larger more permanent venue.

Indian tapas
Sulla venison rump, pumpkin pickle, burnt calcot onion raita, Jerusalem artichoke & chanterelles

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6th April
The brilliant thing about Photography Awards (or Art Awards) is the recognition by your peers & heroes. So often when you send off images after a shoot you never hear back; you never hear the clients reaction or which variation they chose. Photography is very personal, it comes from the heart so you want to know if they were liked.

To win the International Colour Awards - Still Life section 2016, for the second time in 2 years is really fulfilling.

To be a finalist in the Pink lady Food Photographer of the Year awards 2016 is also brilliant news and a very rewarding start to 2016. I am very happy with the winning photos. The PLFPOTYA party in the Mall is fantastic, full of photographers and foodies, lovely canapes & Tattinger champagne.

Hopefully there will be more awards to follow!

Winning Octopus - International Colour Awards, USA
Octopus still life - nature is so beautifui.

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